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Rob Mehl: Press/Reviews

Press Kit


("Could You Be More Pacific?" Review) "The new album from Oceanside's Rob Mehl is a sun-drenched album of beach music so soaked with tropical ambience that you can practically smell the sunscreen. Equal parts Jimmy Buffett and Hawaiian slack-key, with a dash of Latin, the music is built around Mehl's warm voice and relaxed delivery. While there are some electric guitar and keyboards here and there, for the most part the album is an acoustic affair, and even on the electrified songs, it's a very mellow groove. Think Poco more than the Beach Boys. Eleven of the 14 songs were written by Mehl, and all have a pleasant melodicism to them. "Could You Be More Pacific?" is a nice, fun listen that will transport you straight to your favorite beach."
Jim Trageser - - North County Times
'"Could You Be More Pacific?" is Rob Mehl's second CD and is described as coastal alternative - not really surf music, not really island, not really Americana...maybe 'Isle-icana'?" Rob Mehl is a fine songwriter and an excellent musician and this album is a soothing blend of these styles and more, providing a unique feel of sun, surf, sand, and the island life."
Dave Sawyer - - San Diego Troubadour Magazine

"Hey Rob! We've been listening to your cd out by the pool during our writing breaks - you take us back to the islands and make our minds free to create again. Thanx! Ciao for now, Mark and the rest of the boys from Venice"

Mark Lennon - VENICE (The Band!)
"Wow, this CD is soooo good, the songs the tracks, vocals, the whole darn thing...! God's gift to you shows through clearly on all these songs. So many good ones for film and TV too. I'm taking it over to Mountain Apple next week and I sent a few out PenMusic in LA - they do a lot of tv/film placements."
Michael Ruff - Jazz Recording Artist, Producer
“Rob Mehl's songs touch the inner part of the soul - his words and beautiful voice not only move me, but bring me closer to the humanity that we all belong to. I am honored to call him friend.”
Tim Flannery
“The sun, the sand, and the sea permeates every note of his beautifully produced album. Rob Mehl’s easy-going, warm voice and able acoustic guitar playing hold the ship on course like a keel. Explicitly escapist, “Just Give Me The Keys”, a reference to the Florida Keys, offers an exit strategy from the harsh reality of modern mainland life. His warm, simple, slow-paced vision of the good life, island-style, is so real it’ll leave sand in your shoes! Rob is a safe harbor when the hard winds blow.”
Tom Paine - San Diego Troubadour Magazine
“Rob’s talent as a musician and songwriter has always inspired me. So much so that I recorded two of his songs. In concert he shows a tenderness and strength mixed with humor and truth.”
Barry McGuire - "Eve Of Destruction" Guy
“No one tells their own stories and sings them in a magical way better than Rob Mehl does. His sensitivity is art alone. His love for people and his ability to quiet a crowd and win them over is unlike anything I've seen. His songs are some of the best I have ever heard. If Tony Bennett or Frank Sinatra had recorded "When I'm Old" the whole world would be singing it.”
Gary Seiler - "Living On Dreams"
“Rob Mehl is a soothing voice in a sandpaper world. His songs show strong musicality coupled with witty word play and insight. Where others often end up going for the musical clichés, Rob takes a different path and shares a world of thoughtful lyrics and wonderfully produced music. Perfect music for a tropical vacation, quiet times by the pool or for taking the edge off a bad day. I'm looking forward to the next one already!"
James "Sunny Jim" White
"Rob's blue guitar, signed by Clive Cussler, is so appropriate ... listening to his CD is like reading a good Clive Cussler book! The atmosphere, the flavor combined with insightful emotions leading you on an interesting journey. I first heard Rob singing his songs in Key West ... with just his guitar, his songs and hauntingly beautiful voice, Rob captivates you and gives you a poetic glimpse into those hidden coves seldom seen."
Kelly McGuire - Redfish Island Records
“Man, this guy can write. His songs can move me to tears. Like that baseball song (Me And Willie Mays) ... God, I love that song!”
Michael McCloud - Schooner Wharf, Key West
“Rob Mehl is simply an amazing songwriter. His "Just Give Me The Keys" CD travels with me wherever I go. When it comes to storytellers, there is no one like Rob. His Hawaiian influences and love for the coast shine through in his live performances. His songs come straight from the heart And his passion for songwriting and being on stage is unlike any other artist I've seen in a long time.”
Mark Mulligan - "Going Coastal"
“Rob Mehl is such a talented and gifted songwriter, what we call a "natural" in the music biz. He delivers his music with obvious honesty and a laid-back feel that captures you immediately! Check out his latest effort, "Just Give Me The Keys” and you will agree with me. Rob, keep up the good work, my friend!”
Jaime Valle/Latin-Jazz Award Winner-Equinox
“Rob Mehl’s unique and God-given talent puts me in the ‘clouds’ when I hear him play!”
Skip Frye - Winged Surf Legend
“Hope to see you again and soon. Oh yeah, I love your songs!”
Jerry Gontang - Stars On The Water

"I’ve shared the stage with Rob on a number of occasions and I remember watching and listening as he carried the crowd through a world of travels, geographically and emotionally, using as his tools his island background, smooth voice, and a variety of instruments to accomplish the circumnavigation."

Hugo Duarte - "Don't Be Fooled By The Hat"
"With a poetic lyrical delivery of Lou Reed and a tenor that reminds us of John Denver (can you imagine a cross between the two?) - country narrative with alternative vocals. .and you come close to the pop professional production of Rob Mehl's artistic output. His CD, "Could You Be More Pacific?", includes 14 songs that Jackson Browne would also be proud of inspiring. Lush harmonies and solid melody crafting ... so nice."
"Buy the CD if only for the song, "When I'm Old". Huge songwriting talent and that voice to deliver the lines with emotional penetration using extended chords and adventurous melodies. Mehl is supremely talented in his musical abilities, clearly, but he also has a poetic license that drives with a rawness and truth that hides nothing."